G-CON announces highly anticipated POD launch in Europe

Published: 8-Mar-2022

The off-the-shelf cleanrooms have been launched in Europe as part of a global product portfolio expansion for the company

G-CON, the off-site prefabricated, flexible cleanroom solutions specialist, has taken a key step in Europe. The company has announced its capabilities to manufacture and deliver the company's signature standardPOD cleanrooms in the European continent.

StandardPODs, launched in the US in 2020, are off-the-shelf cleanrooms designed to maximise efficiencies related to production, qualification, delivery and cost reduction and provide timeline certainty to drug manufacturing.

Launched in the US in 2020, the off-the-shelf cleanrooms are designed to maximise efficiencies related to production, qualification, delivery and cost reduction

G-CON's standardPOD portfolio encompasses six PODs, three different dimensions with bi-directional and uni-directional flow approaches and all featuring ISO Class 7 classification. These units can ably support development and clinical scale operations for cell therapies, formulation and filling, drug substance, etc. and also be components of a building block approach for a multiple unit POD cluster to accommodate larger processing needs.

PODs, which have gained accelerating popularity over the past 12 years due to their prefabricated and prequalified turnkey benefits, are now readily available for the EMEA market through the standardPOD product line.

With standardisation, these cleanrooms can be purchased at a set price, inclusive of design and qualification. G-CON's standardised approach reduces the engineering design and fabrication timelines through process driven manufacturing with standard parts from qualified vendors and by employing a trained and experienced workforce.

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Commissioning and qualification are also well-defined, allowing for delivery in as little as three months from order.

"G-CON continues to expand its global product portfolio of pre-engineered standardPODs to help further reduce the time and cost for installing the highest quality cGMP cleanroom infrastructure for its clients", said Dennis Powers, VP of Business Development & Design Consulting for G-CON. "Standardisation will drive efficiencies as the industry increasingly adopts prefabricated modular construction."

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