Environmental monitoring expert Pharmagraph launches portable microbial air sampler

Published: 3-Jun-2024

Pharmagraph has launched the EN 17141:2020 compliant portable air sampler model

Pharmagraph has launched a new portable microbial air sampler model, the iVAS Roam.

Building on the success of environmental monitoring expert Pharmagraph's iVAS range of intelligent active air samplers, the company has further developed the technology utilised for the original model.

The iVAS Roam delivers sampling performance that is EN 17141:2020 compliant.

Feature-rich design

Pharmagraph has designed the new model to have an "innovative design and user-friendly graphical interface"

The iVAS 316 stainless steel sieve head has been designed to maximise physical and biological efficiency. Giving a D50 value of 1.13μm @ 100 litres per minute and meeting with EU-GMP Annex 1, EN17141:2020 and USP 797 compliance requirements.

The inbuilt flow meter allows flow rates of either 100L/min or 50 L/min to be configured on a single unit, with continuous or intermittent sampling modes available to the user.

With ultimate compliance in mind, the iVAS Roam incorporates innovative user plate tracking technology with an integral barcode reader, this captures key sample data without user input, creating end-to-end data integrity of sample records. Additionally, the RFID model includes two RFID readers that capture operator ID and unit location, recording the information in the sample record.

Traceability and data integrity are at the heart of the iVAS Roam design

Simple sampling setup is enabled from predefined recipes and tours, with an option to program a delayed sample start time if required. The innovative ‘Tours’ feature guides the user seamlessly through a predefined sequence of sample locations and areas, guaranteeing that every critical area is monitored systematically. Thus, enhancing the thoroughness and reliability of environmental data collection.

The ergonomic integrated handle design, secure retaining mechanism for the sieve head and careful consideration of overall unit weight, enables easy transportation of the iVAS Roam between sampling locations.

The iVAS Roam can either integrate directly with Pharmagraph’s enVigil FMS software or operate as a standalone unit, managing set up and sampling records with the companion iVAS Roam Manager App. Features include the ability to deploy a single site configuration to multiple units, a comprehensive audit trail, real-time data synchronization and advanced reporting tools.

We are pleased to bring a product to market that brings data integrity and compliance to portable viable monitoring

Tom McCollin, Pharmagraph’s Technical Director of Engineering, said: “The iVAS Roam is a testament to the hard work and excellent collaboration of the R&D team at Pharmagraph over the last few years. Traceability and data integrity are at the heart of the iVAS Roam design, I hope that is evident with the range of features that this new product offers to the user.”

Speaking about the market opportunity that the iVAS Roam represents, Guy Turner, Pharmagraph’s Commercial Director added: “The launch of the iVAS Roam builds on our existing hardware range, expanding our market reach into the portable air sampling space and adding another cleanroom activity to our service offering."

"We are pleased to bring a product to market that brings data integrity and compliance to portable viable monitoring, as we know this is an area of concern for our existing customers,” Turner added.

Pharmagraph was formed specifically to meet the needs of clients seeking GMP/GAMP compliant solutions for their facility and environmental monitoring requirements, whether in small hospital pharmacies or pharmaceutical production facilities. Supplying systems that measure particle counts, active air sampling, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, air velocity which deliver accurate, clear, and secure results.

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