Editor's comment: Outside your comfort zone

By Murielle Gonzalez | Published: 4-Dec-2019

Seeking new applications where cleanroom technology can play a part is a sensible business strategy

In markets where products and services are all on par with a “standard”, branching out is risky. But daunting as it may be, isn’t stepping outside one’s comfort zone sometimes necessary to gain a competitive edge? Isn’t seeking new applications where cleanroom technology can play a part a sensible business strategy?

Giles Palmer, Senior Embryologist at The London Women’s Clinic Wales, thinks so. In a rather insightful yet controversial article, Palmer calls for subject matter experts to engage with IVF laboratories. He describes the process embryologists carry out as one that mimics nature and as such, the industry requires state-of-the-art facilities to control environmental conditions and prevent contamination that may harm the “product”.

With December upon us, reflection seems inevitable. Examining what happened in 2019 that was different from the year before and previous periods helps to foresee where the opportunities for growth may lie in the coming months.

For a newcomer like myself, all I know is that regulations will continue to change, and with that, head-scratching and talk over best practices. We’re committed to embracing the challenges ahead and will be hosting the Cleanroom Technology Conference in India and Singapore in 2020, in addition to the UK event in Birmingham. Seize the opportunity and be there, too.

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