Editor's comment: Market intelligence to get ahead

By Murielle Gonzalez | Published: 1-Nov-2019

Market reports, now a hallmark of the magazine, gives businesses the opportunity to shine; the insight they provide gives you the edge on your competitors

The November issue features our third market report of the year — and in the history of our magazine, let’s admit it. This time around, we set our minds to find out what’s happening in the Middle East, hoping to identify whether the oil-rich economies have anything to offer to cleanroom product manufacturers and services providers overseas.

We knew that Cleanzone, the trade show organised by Messe Frankfurt, has played its part in filling the knowledge gap, but we wanted to touch base with the companies on the ground, with those who are trading goods in and out of the countries.

Our call was heard by a handful of companies, and I'm grateful for their trust and insights. Read the Middle East market report, and you will get a sense of opportunity for the future. We unveil how top-tier markets are eager to wean off oil by fuelling investments in pharma, biotech and high-end engineering.

Providing regional market reports is a hallmark of the magazine and gives businesses the opportunity to shine. The insight they provide gives you the edge on your competitors, and I genuinely believe it is the kind of content you can use to get ahead.

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