ECHA releases full list of biocidal product authorisation applicants

Published: 17-Nov-2014

The aim of the Article 95 list is to treat all biocidal product suppliers fairly

A full list of all the companies thus far involved in assessments of biocides under the European Union’s (EU) biocidal product regulation has been released by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

The suppliers on this Article 95 list include participants in the EU’s review programme of existing biocides; companies requesting regulatory approval for new active substances; companies looking for authorisation for alternative active substances for biocidal products; and previously successful applicants.

The list is split into various product categories including ethanol; formic acid; benzoic acid; salicyclic acid; hydrogen cyanide; and many more. It also notes whether companies are substance or product suppliers, or both; it states their country of origin; and when they were included on the list.

One key goal of the list is to promote transparency, with all biocidal product suppliers being treated fairly.

'The underlying aim of the Article 95 list is to establish a level playing field on the market for active substances,' said the ECHA.

The list – currently of 142 pages – will be updated regularly by ECHA. From 1 September 2015, a biocidal product cannot be sold in the EU unless either the substance or product supplier is included the Article 95 list. ECHA added that it would welcome any corrections.

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