Dual-monitor solutions suit various cleanroom applications

Published: 14-Oct-2016

Range of possible variations meets the need for both convenience and mobility

Flexible workspace monitors for displaying lots of information at a glance are becoming increasingly important in the production environment.

Dual-monitor solutions at work increase productivity, allowing multiple applications to be open at one time - eliminating the annoying need to click back and forth. For example, the MES and process control system can be opened and operated on two screens in parallel.

There are several options for mounting a dual monitor solution in the cleanroom. In the desktop version, the monitors are mounted directly on the tabletop with a flange and tubes. Systec supplies the matching stainless steel tabletop. Alternatively, the dual-monitor can be mounted on a stand screwed to the floor or directly to the wall using a bracket.

However, a double screen is no reason to forego mobility. For those eager to use the screens in different workplaces, a trolley variant is available. Here, the monitors are mounted on a stable base with wheels.

In the design of all installation variants emphasis was placed on creating a smooth, crevice free transition between the individual components. The requirements of IP65 are met. The dual-monitor solutions can be used with Systec's HMI systems PILOT and WAVE.

The monitors can be rotated and tilted and can be located either vertically above one another or horizontally next to each. Customer-specific adaptations are possible.

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