Counting airborne bacteria in real time

Published: 30-Nov-2010

Measuring system does away with the need for costly sample preparation

Detection of airborne bacteria in real time – this is the purpose of the IMD-A measuring system. It continuously samples sterile ambient air and immediately issues a warning if any microbial contamination is detected. The bacteria are counted simultaneously and all measuring results are displayed graphically.

IMD-A is based on an entirely optical measuring principle and detects bacteria (incl. spores) from 0.5µm in size. The sterile ambient air is automatically drawn in by the measuring device. There is no need for any costly sample preparation or likewise for the use of external fluorescent dyes.

Conventional particles ranging from 0.5 to 5µm in size are also counted alongside the bacteria detection.

More complex qualification projects on sterile processes are supported by the optional IMD camera system. This image capturing runs synchronously to the bacteria count and enables the user to correlate the counting operations into the process flow.

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