Controlled environment specialist provides sustainability update

Published: 29-Apr-2021

Comecer has explained that its sustainability measures range from 100% renewable energy sources to special condensing boilers in its foundry

Comecer has provided an update on its current sustainability measures.

Sustainability has become a fundamental factor in the Comecer production process, guiding its activity and work by knowledgeable people, in the hope of generating a widespread and transversal change. "The environment, along with quality and safety, is and has always been a priority for Comecer," the company stated.

How Comecer consumes less and better:

  • Electricity obtained 100% from certified renewable sources
  • The guarantee of origin from renewable sources is guaranteed through the Guarantees of Origin (GO), in compliance with the provisions contained in Article 15 of Directive 2009/28/.
  • Electricity from photovoltaic panels with peak power 198 KW
  • Artificial lighting only with low consumption lamps in the offices and LED in the assembly department
  • Thermal power plant with condensing boilers with solar thermal system input and heat recovery units installed in the foundry
  • Underfloor heating for large rooms
  • Automatic management of the heating system utilizing sensors for temperature detection

Next focused goal

Procedure to obtain the international environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001. This activity is in progress and we are working hard to implement the complete system and obtain the certification

Another future goal that Comecer will be trying to achieve is Energy Certification ISO 50001.

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