Contamination Control and Microbiological Risk Assessment

Published: 15-Dec-2014

26 February 2015


East Midlands Conference Centre and Hotel, Nottingham, UK

This conference will cover a number of topics, including Practical Management of Microbiological Risk; Understanding and Effectively Managing Water Systems; Practical Solutions to Common Cleaning Products in the Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries; Biocide Regulations and Borderline Products: Claim Support.

Afternoon sessions cover CTPA: current Updates on Preservatives; Regulating Cosmetics in the EU: Fact and Fiction; Practical Review of some Rapid Methods being used in the Cosmetics Industry; Standard Processes for Hygiene Auditing; Microbiological Risk Assessment (MRA) of Personal Care Products; and Biofilms: 'Experiences'.

Organiser: Pharmig

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