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To be the Trustworthiest Global Enterprise in the Cleanroom System Area


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Wiskind is a technological company specializing in scientific research, development, implementation, promotion of own innovative clean room enclosure system products, ceiling systems, wall partitions, doors and windows system and engineering projects. Wiskind is engaged in Pharmaceutical, food,electronics, chemicals and other different industrials. Its headquarter covers an area of 1,000 acres and now there is more than 1,800 employees and 160 million Square meters panels is supplied to customers in past 10 years.

We are providers of clean room enclosure system, also the advocator and practitioner of modular clean room. After introduced advanced equipment and production technology from abroad, We soon became the largest intelligent manufacturer of clean panels in China. Now we have full independent knowledge proprietary of the world's first clean board automatic production line with an annual capacity of more than 2 million square meters . Wiskind's clean room solution with CE, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification now are being sold all over the world.

Wiskind is the market-leader supplier of domestic pharmaceutical industrial and hospitals . Meanwhile, our products to exported to USA, Russia, Iraq, UAE, Israel, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Egypt, etc.

We are committed to be the most influential enterprise in the cleanroom enclosure. If there is any needed for our products, you are welcomed to send an inquiry. We will provide you with the best qualified products with the most economical price.