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Published: 14-Apr-2021

Technological innovation in the field of biomedicine has made rapid progress, which has brought about changes and improvements in the development of new drugs and the treatment of diseases. In particular, the emerging innovative therapies such as gene therapy and cell therapy have achieved new breakthroughs in the treatment of rare diseases and tumors. More and more new therapies and innovative drugs are moving from the laboratory to the clinic, and one of the indispensable tools to the clinic are the experiment animals

Scientists use experimental animals to simulate or induce various human behaviors or diseases, study various physiological phenomena, pathological mechanisms, and disease prevention and treatment. As a representative of experiments animals, A great variety of 'white mice' are widely used in product development in life sciences, drug research and development screening, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Biocytogen takes the fully human antibodies RenMab, RenLite, and RenNano mice, which are independently developed and completely independently owned by intellectual property rights, as the core. It's an international biotechnology company with a focus on oncology, autoimmune, metabolic and anti-infection-driven drug discovery and development.

Biocytogen Jiangsu Haimen Animal Center, with a total area of 13,000 square meters, includes large-scale animal production rooms, population breeding rooms, quarantine rooms, isolation rooms, clean operating rooms, technical training rooms, and experimental auxiliary preparation rooms. The animal breeding clean rooms in the center are all carried out in ten thousand barrier facilities, and quality control is carried out in accordance with SPF animal standards.

The enclosure structure of the clean room is made of 35000 square meters of hand-made cleanroom panel, the core material is double gypsum board and rock wool. The double gypsum board is a product of the high-performance material giant Saint-Gobain, which forms a seamless structure with high-quality water-repellent rock wool. With higher strength, fire resistance, and high flatness, it is an ideal choice for cleanroom enclosure materials.

Stainless steel cleanroom panels are used in the second-layer decontamination area. Since different degrees of disinfection and cleaning are required during the use of the space environment, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning are required. As the world's leading clean room enclosure system and solution service provider, Wiskind has accumulated numerous application environment solutions.

In response to different use environments, Wiskind launched Endure. In a 30% H₂O₂ immersion test, Endure's tolerance was 7.2 times that of PVDF. The color is shell white, the surface layer is matte design, and the gloss is 8-10. The visual effect is good, and the surface is uniform and delicate, providing unique value for customers in the professional field.

The biological clean room has extremely strict requirements on the level of the clean room. It mainly controls the pollution of microorganisms (bacteria) objects. At the same time, it regularly disinfects and sterilizes the materials and withstand drug corrosion. This project uses more than 600 cleanroom doors and windows, and the surface of cleanroom steel doors is sprayed with fluorocarbon electrostatic resin powder.

Due to the introduction of fluorine element, it has high electronegativity, stronger carbon-fluorine bond, and has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. The experimental results proved that in the 30% H₂O₂ spot test, PE bulged at 120H, butr the surface of the steel plate containing 8% fluorocarbon powder did not show any changes. The resistance of 8% fluorocarbon steel plate is 6.4 times that of PE.

Wiskind continues to develop and innovate in the field of building envelope systems, using high-quality products and multi-performance product solutions to create value for customers. Through intelligent manufacturing and digital construction platforms, it helps global enterprises seize the commanding heights of the market environment and empower the development of the industry.

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