ClearKlens Bi-Spore achieves sporicidal and virucidal efficacy

Published: 26-Feb-2013

Offers improved chlorine dioxide yield in a reduced mixing time

The Diversey ClearKlens Bi-Spore chlorine dioxide-based sporicidal disinfectant from Sealed Air contains optimised catalyst technology, which increases chlorine dioxide yield in a reduced mixing time, effectively accommodating the critical reality that every minute counts in the cleanroom environment.

Sealed Air says this stable, two-part system achieves sporicidal and virucidal efficacy, as measured by EN13704 and EN14476, respectively.

Exemplifying the firm’s commitment to full sustainability in its products, Diversey ClearKlens Bi-Spore dissolved in water is fully biodegradable and suitable for safe disposal through standard drainage systems.

Unlike the majority of alternative chlorinated products, Sealed Air claims this sporicidal disinfectant does not produce free chlorine so it cannot form environmentally harmful chlorinated compounds.

In addition, the new generation formula does not corrode stainless steel and other materials commonly found in cleanroom construction.

ClearKlens Bi-Spore can be used for both wiping and mopping applications. Combining 100ml with 4.8 litres of water and then adding 100ml of ClearKlens Bi-Spore Activator produces a solution that is ready for use in just two minutes.

Users of the previous Diversey product face minimal re-validation since the filling and packaging processes, as well as the core ingredients of the new formula, remain identical.

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