Bosch sets new standards in sterile powder filling

Published: 18-Jul-2017

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can look forward to another innovation from Bosch Packaging Technology, from September, Bosch will showcase the new filling and closing machine AFG 5000 in Crailsheim, Germany

Bosch has developed a machine platform for the sterile filling of powders in glass vials with a wide range of versions, with the AFG 5000.

Depending on the features, both small and large amounts of powder can be dosed with high accuracy.

The AFG achieves outputs of up to 480 vials per minute, achieved with a varying number of filling stations.

The machine is equipped with a new, variable transport system. Its speed is precisely adapted to the rhythm of the individual stations such as filling, weighing and stopper insertion.

Delays in the workflow can be avoided, and the vials are optimally timed — without any bottlenecks or idle times. Moreover, the lean and compact design of the AFG 5000 and its quick format changes save time, space and costs.

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