Bjarke Madsen joins Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is pleased to announce that Bjarke Madsen joined the team as the regional sales manager for Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Bjarke will be developing and supporting the sales and service for these Nordic countries locally from Denmark.

"We are very excited to welcome Bjarke to the Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions team," said Vice President Global Sales Marcel van Haaren. "With Bjarke as our local presence in this region, we are able to excel our Sales and Service with knowledge on products, regulations and the market and with the highest in-class ISO 17025 accredited calibrations".

Bjarke has been working at some of the biggest medical companies in the Nordic region since 2009. Since 2017 he has been selling different types of equipment such as centrifuges, refrigeration, bioreactors, EMS, and particle counters.

Bjarke expressed:

"I'm thrilled to be part of such a wonderful team of professionals that really take those extra steps to become valued by our customers. I can't wait to explore and grow the direct business in my home area."

"This is not sales but a way to become partners with the customers and help them follow the guidelines. I am a problem solver and will make sure to go the extra mile to help my clients."

If you are in the Nordic area looking for contamination monitoring solutions or knowledge, feel free to Contact me today.

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