Biosafety measures from Coulter

Published: 11-Apr-2005

Beckman Coulter, a leading manufacturer of biomedical testing instrument systems, has undertaken a new biosafety initiative for the company's benchtop, high-performance and ultracentrifugation systems used in r&d, which provides multiple levels of biocontainment. New labware, rotors and hardware options are now packaged together to meet increasing market demands for biosafe protocols. Beckman Coulter's biosafe labware includes transparent Aerosolve canisters and biocertified covers; disposable HarvestLine system liners that retain the pelleted sample for direct decanting, immediate use or freezing; and one-touch sealing OptiSeal rotor tubes that eliminate the need for tube puncturing or sealing tools. All ultracentrifuges will be offered with HEPA filtration for protection against hazardous aerosols and splashes, with all tabletop ultracentrifuges able to be placed into a biocontainment hood for an additional level of security. Applications include biomedical research and testing; handling of biologicals; vaccine production facilities and biodefence programmes. Enquiry card number: 109

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