Autoclave manufacturer Astell Scientific produces other steam sterilisation products

Published: 27-Jan-2017

Astell manufactures custom effluent decontamination systems and stand-alone steam generators

The company has focussed on products which compliment its range of autoclaves.

A stand-alone steam generator can be useful in cases where an in-house steam source is unavailable to support an autoclave or decontamination system.

Astell manufactures three models of electric steam generator, rated at 24kW, 48kW and 72kW. Typically these have the capacity to act as a steam source for autoclaves up to and beyond 600 litres in capacity.

Each steam generator features a colour touchscreen controller to manage and report working temperatures, pressures and operation status. These can be specified with stainless steel panelwork and pipework or other options.

The company also manufacture the (batch) Effluent Decontamination System (EDS), a large capacity sterilisation system suitable for processing waste from high containment facilities or high risk laboratories. These can treat water from sterilisers, sinks, showers and toilets.

A typical EDS may contain two or more holding tanks working on a run-standby system. These are often mated to an appropriate steam generator to provide a complete stand-alone system.

Astell has supplied EDS installations to government and privately owned operators.

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