ATCC and bioMérieux collaborate to deliver accurate identification of industrial micro-organisms

Published: 22-Aug-2014

To enhance the accuracy and range of microbial identification for pharmaceutical, food and veterinary labs

ATCC, a global biological materials resource and standards organisation, and in vitro diagnostics specialist bioMérieux are to collaborate to expand the bioMérieux VITEK MS microbial identification database for the industrial market.

ATCC has acquired the VITEK MS system to make bioMérieux's MALDI TOF mass spectrometry technology and database for bacterial and fungal identification a fundamental component of its authentication and quality control processes.

Strengthening the database with additional strains continues to increase the robustness of the VITEK MS micro-organisms library while increasing the size and enhancing the utility for customers as a solid quality assurance tool. The 21CFR part 11 compliance of the VITEK MS offers the traceability needed by pharmaceutical laboratories.

The integration of the bioMérieux VITEK MS into ATCC’s quality development process will enable ATCC to generate a large pathogen knowledge base, which will then be incorporated into the VITEK MS database. The newly expanded database will improve the accuracy and range of microbial identification of the VITEK MS.

'For more than eight decades, microbiology laboratories worldwide have looked to ATCC to provide well characterised microbial reference strains with the highest level of quality assurance,' said Kristina Peterman, Compliance, Senior Director Quality Assurance and Laboratory Testing Services/Chief Compliance Officer.

'Utilising the MALDI technology through the bioMérieux VITEK MS system demonstrates our commitment to advancement, quality and innovation. The solution will also provide traceability and reduced testing time while reducing consumable costs in our extensive quality control process.'

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