AIM-JORACO offers line of cleanroom presses for medical use

Published: 15-Jan-2018

An innovator in the field of tissue repair products turned to AIM-JORACO for a toggle press customised to meet stringent cleanroom standards

AIM-JORACO, manufacturer of precision pneumatic and manual toggle presses has introduced a new line of cleanroom presses.

When a leader in the emerging field of regenerative medicine required a pneumatic press that would meet the requirements of its strict cleanroom standards, it turned to AIM-JORACO.

After careful consideration AIM-JORACO delivered a press that met each of the customer’s specifications, including ISO Class 5 (Class 100 Fed. Std. 2090) compliance and the benefits of a quality toggle press.

AIM-JORACO’s team of experts quickly proposed a customised Toggle-Aire Model 2530 CSR-G2 10-ton pneumatic press for Cleanroom applications. This customised press is completely manufactured from stainless steel with powder coated machine guards and lubrication-free wear surfaces.

Included with the cleanroom exhaust is a silencing effect of 40dB (A) or more and an element service indicator. It was also built to meet their customer’s application specific needs for stroke, open height, and throat depth which are typical custom manufacturing options.

Not only was AIM-JORACO able to provide another quality solution to significantly enhance a manufacturing process, but it also tackled the hard issue of use within cleanroom applications.

AIM-JORACO serves the pharmaceutical, life science and surgical fields within the medical industry and all equipment is manufactured and shipped from its Smithfield, Rhode Island facility.

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