Transforming Ultrapure water quality monitoring with the Vertex50

Published: 16-Nov-2023

The Vertex50: a brief introduction

The Vertex50 is a liquid particle counter equipped with multiple size channels, including nanometers. It has undergone a meticulous testing process to achieve verification, ensuring its reliability and accuracy. One of its standout features is its ability to provide online, real-time monitoring, a critical tool in reducing yield loss in industrial processes.

Qualifying the Vertex50 for ≥50nm Detection in UPW Systems

Ultrapure water (UPW) is the lifeblood of industries like pharmaceuticals and semiconductors. It signifies water that has undergone the most rigorous purification processes to eliminate all forms of contaminants, whether organic or inorganic, volatile or non-volatile, hydrophilic or hydrophobic, and even dissolved gases. UPW is a cornerstone of these industries, and its quality is non-negotiable.

The Vertex50 has achieved the qualification to measure and detect particles of ≥50nm in UPW systems, boasting true sensitivity at the 50nm threshold. This is a monumental achievement, as the ability to detect and monitor particles at such a minuscule scale is pivotal in maintaining the highest levels of water purity.

Vertex50: Setup and Scope

The Vertex50 is designed to detect particles in the size range of 50nm to 200nm. To put these measurements in perspective, the four size channels available on the Vertex50 are:





With a flow rate of 100ml/minute and a sample rate of 5ml/min, the Vertex50 sets an industry standard for accuracy. One of its standout features is its incredibly low false count rate, measuring fewer than 0.2 counts per ml. This is a critical aspect, particularly when dealing with nanometer-sized particles, as false positives can render data unusable. By eliminating false count interference, the Vertex50 ensures the reliability of the data it provides.

UPW System Benchmarking: Ensuring Precision

To validate the Vertex50’s true sensitivity and accuracy, a controlled testing setup is essential. The introduction of test particles must be meticulously controlled to maintain test concentrations and avoid external influences that might skew results.

In these tests, the setup is rigorously controlled, and particle concentration introduction is immediately recorded by the Vertex50. Its high sensitivity in the 50nm size range is made possible through Partial Stream Laser technology, which allows for accurate and verifiable sizing. This technology focuses the laser’s intensity at a focal point within the flow cell, ensuring that particles passing through this point are accurately detected down to 50nm. It’s important to note that not all of the sample will pass through this focal point, but this technology enables heightened sensitivity without compromising safety limits.

Vertex50 Calibration Validation: Sizing and Counting Efficiency

Calibrating the Vertex50 is a meticulous process, and it involves verifying sizing accuracy, count accuracy, sensitivity, zero count, and false count validation. To achieve this, traceable reference particles are introduced into each channel, ensuring that the Vertex50 performs with the utmost precision.

The calibration process involves multiple stages, including introducing traceable particles, introducing particle-free water through filtration stages, diluting particles to known concentrations, and individually testing each channel. The calibration process ensures that the Vertex50’s sizing and counting accuracy is within 5% of a reference standard, affirming its reliability and precision.

Harnessing the Power of the Vertex50 in UPW Contamination Detection

The Vertex50 isn’t just a sophisticated piece of equipment; it’s a powerful tool for online monitoring. Its role is akin to that of a vigilant watchdog, ready to activate an alarm notification should UPW system baselines drift from predefined tolerance points. When integrated with LMS Express monitoring software, the Vertex50 enables the collection of data trends, generates reports, issues automatic alarm messages, and sends notifications when necessary. This system enables swift responses to any contamination events.

Recommended Monitoring Points

To ensure UPW system health, it is recommended to monitor particles at specific size ranges using real-time online monitoring:

≥0.5µm (500nm) particles

≥0.2µm (200nm) particles

≥0.1µm (100nm) particles

≥0.05µm (50nm) particles

By placing the Vertex50 at multiple locations within a UPW system, filter performance, and system efficiency can be monitored, and alerts can be issued in the event of contamination. This guarantees that products are processed using uncontaminated UPW, resulting in improved product yield and quality.

Establishing Real-Time UPW Monitoring with LMS Express and the Vertex50

The Vertex50’s high sensitivity and online monitoring capabilities are pivotal in ensuring UPW system performance. By identifying monitoring points within the system and connecting them to LMS Express monitoring software, water quality can be tracked in real time. Alarm notifications are generated if water quality deviates from the specified standards. This allows for immediate action, which is crucial in maintaining product yield and minimising downtime.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The implementation of a Vertex50 Monitoring System translates into tangible benefits, including improved product yield, increased productivity, and enhanced system performance. Over a short period, the return on investment (ROI) becomes evident, with savings in product yield, uptime, and productivity easily justifying the initial investment.


the Vertex50 is a game-changer in the world of ultrapure water systems. Its unmatched sensitivity, precision, and real-time monitoring capabilities position it as an indispensable tool in industries where water purity is non-negotiable. By integrating the Vertex50 into your UPW system, you can guarantee the highest levels of product quality and operational efficiency. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of the Vertex50 for your UPW system, contact us at for a system demo or pricing, including installation and validation costs. Make the Vertex50 a cornerstone of your commitment to water quality excellence.

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