Skan Group expands German site

Published: 8-May-2017

The Swiss control cabinets and isolators producer makes a €12m investment that will increase production capabilities abroad

Swiss supplier of control cabinets and isolators, Skan, plans to expand its site in Gorlitz, Germany, with the construction of new production halls and an administration building.

By the end of 2018, the production area will almost double in size, costing €12m and hiring of 30–50 additional employees. Skan started production in the Gorlitz South three years ago with about 10 employees and the workforce now counts 100. 500 people work for Skan worldwide.

The company serves major players in the industry, including Roche and Novartis in Switzerland, and Merck and GlaxoSmithKline in Germany.

The new Swiss investment has already spent €10m on the Gorlitz site. It is developing into the second largest location in the Skan Group, after its headquarters in Alschwil, near Basel, Switzerland.

Gorlitz was initially just an extended workbench. Only the housings were built and the first technology installed, then the semi-finished products went back to Switzerland. Up until now, the final assembly of the insulators was completed in Alschwil.

With the expansion, from the beginning of 2019, if a new generation of insulators is built, they can also be installed in Gorlitz. This improves access to products for German customers.

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