Single-use Tri-Clamp provides quick and qualified process security

Published: 6-Feb-2018

BioPure’s QClamp is a new sanitary Tri-Clamp for single-use fluid path applications

Capable of providing a secure fluid path connection in less than 12 seconds, this single-handed sanitary Tri-Clamp comes the first true tamper evident identification.

Tamper evident identification brings new levels of security to bioprocessing. Once a connection using Q-Clamp has been made, you can apply a tamper evident cover.

Your connection is now secure and the Q-Clamp cannot be opened without removing the tamper evident cover.

  • Can be applied pre or post clamp assembly
  • Universal application across multiple clamp sizes
  • Tool free application and removal

The BioPure Q-Clamp does not require any tools for application or removal. A unique closing mechanism ensures the clamp can be closed quickly using one hand. And, with certification that meets current industry requirements, including ISO 10993: Parts 5 & 10, USP <88> & USP <87> Q-Clamp provides an impressive validation package for non-wetted components.

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