Simplify filtration processes with PSL’s simplefilter

Published: 2-Sep-2011

The single plate pressure/vacuum filter provides contained off-loading via a purged glovebag

As a simplified alternative to more complex and costly technologies, the simplefilter is designed for pharmaceutical and chemical applications such as API and intermediate filtration, hydrogenation, carbon filtration, catalyst recovery, and pre-filtering for micro-filtration.

The simplefilter consists of a heated insulated vessel, with a filtration media attached to a heated swing-out base and a side discharge hatch for efficient drying and uncomplicated removal of the product. High containment discharge is available for highly active or cytotoxic products through a nitrogen-purged glovebag. For maximum flexibility, the unit is mobile as standard for easy use anywhere within the plant.

According to PSL, combined filtration and drying equipment such as the simplefilter provides a more ergonomic and efficient answer to industry requirements, where “heel removal” is vital as the intermediate or end product is often of great value.

The simplefilter comes in two standard sizes: 0.125m² (50L) and 0.3m² (135L) and PFA coated carbon steel as standard, with 316L stainless steel and C22 Alloy options available.

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