Save on validation costs with Baltimore Innovations’ new consultation services

Published: 7-Jan-2020

To help reduce high validation costs, the company has announced a new series of consultant services options, which will assist SME companies with packaging trials and reduce the time taken to get new products to market

This easy-to-use service offers customers three levels of written report; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, depending on their own specific needs and budget. By using the service, customers can out-source laborious packaging-trial work, and they can also redirect R&D staff to higher-value internal projects.

Due to the bespoke nature of these reports, one cannot define exactly what will be contained within each one, but typical elements may include:

  • Humidity tests of prototype packing
  • Sophisticated mathematical modelling of packing performance, with multiple-opening packs in various climatic conditions
  • Detailed guidance as to what desiccant and what packaging is required in order to achieve a specified shelf-life

"The great thing about these reports is that you can get a full refund on the cost, if you then go on to purchase your packaging materials from Baltimore," commented Isaac Rahman, Business Development Manager, Baltimore Innovations.

The consultancy work is carried out by the R&D Director, Dr Mark Valentine (D.Phil Oxon), and is based on company-specific and product-specific requirements. The reports give customers precise scientific information and offer peace-of-mind when making final decisions on packaging. This service is ideal for the medical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic device sectors.

For more information about this service, or to speak to one of Baltimore’s experts, get in touch:

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