Rhodiasolv Infinity helps reduce cleaning formulation costs

Published: 9-Feb-2011

Also improves sustainability profiles

Global specialist chemicals producer Rhodia is promoting the use of Rhodiasolv Infinity as an ingredient that delivers total formulation cost reductions in d-limonene-based cleaning products.

D-Limonene, the main component of citrus peel oil, is an effective biodegradable solvent and degreaser.

Rhodiasolv Infinity is a non-VOC micro-emulsion concentrate based on biodegradable ingredients that enables formulators to develop high performance cleaners with an improved safety profile. For example, using Rhodiasolv Infinity in formulations enables customers to create cleaning solutions that can reduce the amount of d-limonene by 70% without having an impact on performance.

Formulators also benefit from the flexibility of a waterborne system, while maintaining the performance of a traditional solvent cleaner.

“Incorporating Rhodiasolv Infinity into d-limonene-based cleaners results in products that not only deliver cost reduction, but also an improved sustainability profile – all without sacrificing functional performance,” said John Foley, vice president Rhodia Novecare, Industrial and Coatings.

Rhodia is the partner of major players in the automotive, electronics, flavours and fragrances, health, personal and home care, consumer goods and industrial markets. The Group employs around 13,600 people worldwide and generated sales of €4.03bn in 2009.

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