Thai branch of CESE2 wins bid for African Disease Control project


CESE2 has been chosen for phase 1 of the African Union African Disease Control and prevention centre headquarters

Render of project from CESE2 website

Thailand-based CESE2's overseas department has won the bid for the African Union African Disease Control and prevention centre headquarters (phase I) project.

The project is located in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, where the African Union headquarters is located. The construction contents include administrative office, emergency response centre, information centre, biological laboratory and expert apartment, cleanrooms etc.

After the decision was made in April, in order to make sure the project could be finished on time, CESE2 made full preparation including the installation materials such as sandwich panel, insulated panel, aluminium ceiling, aluminium frame door, heap filter for laminar flow hood etc. Meanwhile, they were also making the cleanroom designs.

The project is the first large-scale aid project undertaken by CESE2 in Africa, which highlights the mission and responsibility of the large central enterprise, opens up a new direction of the company's overseas business, and is of great significance to the further implementation of the company's overseas strategy.


CESE2 (Thailand) was established in 2016, and is based in the Thai capital of Bangkok. The company is a Thai branch of the Chinese organisation, China Electronics System Engineering No.2 Construction, which in turn, is a part of China Electronics System Engineering.

CESE2 provides services for large-scale high-tech factory construction in the fields of semiconductors, flat panel displays, food and pharmaceuticals, life sciences, scientific research institutes, new energy, industrial environmental protection, smart business, etc.

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In a recent update, the company spoke about its methods, saying that commissioning is a key part of its offering and they use modular design, IBM, and CFD technology to achieve this. Whilst the Thai branch of the company has only existed since 2016, the wider company has more than 60 years of experience in clean design and modular wall systems.