Reflecting well on hygiene


Teknomek, the hygienic furniture specialist, has launched a new range of stainless steel mirrors for hygiene-controlled environments

Fixings-free options reduce microbial risk

Fixings-free options reduce microbial risk

Teknomek's stainless steel mirrors are available with or without mounting holes, so they can be sealed direct to walls.

Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek, says: “It’s prudent to avoid drilling whenever possible and that’s not just down to avoiding wall damage, it’s hygienic best-practice. Businesses need to work hard to reduce risks of microbial contamination and bacteria will flourish in any nook or cranny that’s hard to clean.

“In recent years, there has been at least one documented incidence of a listeriosis outbreak linked back to dirt traps in drilled holes. It’s simply good practice to close down each and every chink in the armour when comes to protecting people’s health.”

The new mirrors meet the dual needs of hygiene control and health and safety. Manufactured from mirror-polished 304-grade stainless steel, there is no risk of the product corroding or breaking. They also feature de-burred edges and rounded corners to prevent injury.M

The mirrors are vandal-proof and are tough enough to be used in the harshest working environments. They are available in sizes ranging from 300mm x 300mm up to 1800mm x 600mm.

For more information, please visit the product page on the Teknomek website or call the customer services team on 01603 788833.

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