Pfizer facility installs custom hydrogen peroxide mist system

Published: 17-Apr-2019

Tomi Environmental Solutions has installed a custom SteraMist ionised hydrogen peroxide build-in system at a new Pfizer facility in Missouri

Tomi Environmental Solutions has implemented a SteraMist ionised Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) Custom Build-In System to a new Pfizer facility in Chesterfield, MO. Deploying H2O2, mist and fog, the brand is used to provide broad-spectrum air and surface decontamination.

The decontamination specialists utilise their Binary Ionisation Technology (BIT) platform through the manufacturing, licensing, servicing, and selling of the SteraMist brand of hydrogen peroxide-based mist and fog dispersal units.

SteraMist is currently being used in multiple Pfizer facilities across the country, demonstrating a strong partnership, and commitment to limiting the spread of dangerous pathogens.

The Chesterfield facility, at approximately 295,000 sqft, houses Pfizer’s BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences group, a building dedicated to R&D for potential new medicines.

Custom requirements

SteraMist systems were installed in four cleanroom cGMP suites, with 20 ceiling-mounted SteraMist applicators connected to dual generator control cabinets, programmed to run one or all applicators simultaneously.

The system uses a 55 gallon BIT solution drum and includes an E-stop button, custom-programmed HMI with clock times, H2O2 sensing, and PDF compliant result reports. This SteraMist iHP Custom Build-In System will be used on a daily basis to ensure total disinfection/decontamination.

Elissa Shane, Tomi COO, said: “MI is excited about our partnership with Pfizer as we continue to expand into their facilities. SteraMist is a perfect fit for pharmaceutical companies with the quick and high efficacy solution that iHP technology offers."

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