Perfex offers TruCLEAN microfibre mops and mopping systems


Designed for use in cleanroom and sterile environments where contamination control is critical

TruCLEAN mop heads

TruCLEAN mop heads

Designed for use in cleanroom and sterile environments where contamination control is critical, TruCLEAN microfibre mops and mopping systems will help your facility comply with the latest infection control protocols.

TruCLEAN mopping systems eliminate the risk of cross-contamination associated with traditional mops.

Perfex products are constructed to be simple and efficient, while delivering superior cleaning results.

Microfibre is the most environmentally friendly, non-chemical tool on the market today.

TruCLEAN microfibre contains many strands of synthetic fibre made of polyester for superior cleaning capabilities.

The small loop microfibre construction is excellent for removing soil and residue while also delivering mop-to-dry performance on wet surfaces.

TruCLEAN cleanroom mops are made from continuously woven polyester fabric that conforms to almost any shape, offering easier cleaning of floors, walls and ceilings.

These mops are individually packaged and laundered in a Class 100 cleanroom facility.

The TruCLEAN antimicrobial mop has a disinfecting agent permanently bonded within the fibre to capture and contain allergens, ensuring a bacteria-free surface as the result.

A Perfex antimicrobial treated mop can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria present on cloth after cleaning. TruCLEAN mops can be repeatedly laundered or autoclaved, providing exceptional value.

Perfex mopping systems come complete with a TruCLEAN mop frame and polymer adjustable handle.

The low profile, stainless-steel mop frame is compatible with all TruCLEAN sponge and microfibre mops. Mop heads can be changed effortlessly using a quick squeeze and release frame-locking mechanism.

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TruCLEAN products are compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilisation.