PCI doubles highly potent tabletting capacity at Tredegar site

Published: 25-Mar-2019

Company invests in flagship manufacturing plant in response to customer needs and market growth

PCI Pharma Services (PCI) has announced further investment to expand its flagship manufacturing centre in Tredegar, Wales.

The plan for the Tredegar site will double its highly potent tableting capacity and see an increase in general throughput to support recent and anticipated product launches.

It is the latest investment at PCI’s core manufacturing site within its global network, made in direct response to customer needs and market growth.

PCI’s Richard Yarwood, Senior Vice President, said: “We are delighted to announce these most recent investments as part of both our business continuity and growth strategies. This additional capacity will provide greater security to our customers, supporting important clinical programmes and new product or market launches.”

Since opening its dedicated contained manufacturing facility in 2013, PCI Tredegar has processed more than 60 highly potent products within the unit.

The purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility enables PCI to offer a market-leading service; with design for manufacture principles and geometric scale-up delivering seamless development to commercial launch services and speed to market for PCI’s international customer base.

Additional investments made at PCI Tredegar since 2013 have further enhanced the facility, complementing the initial build. These include fully contained roller compaction for the processing of molecules sensitive to heat and/or moisture, as well as contained Xcelodose technology delivering drug in capsule solutions for early-stage clinical development programs, delivering cost and time efficiencies for customers.

In addition to these solid oral dose processing capabilities, further investments in technologies to support the processing of highly potent liquids and semi-solids complete PCI’s full service offering for multiple dosage forms.

Such strategic investment in cutting-edge technology and processes, bolstered by lean techniques and safety innovations, has continued. Most recently, in 2018, PCI extended the capacity of its analytical laboratory in support of growth in the potent market. The laboratory project increased analytical capacity to support development and commercial raw material, in-process and finished product testing. The layout design incorporated lean philosophies and optimised safety with the installation of specific, high potent drug containment enclosures.

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