Mesa Labs acquires sterilisation process control business

Published: 31-Oct-2017

Mesa Laboratories has acquired all outstanding shares of SIMICON, a manufacturer of cleaning and biological inidcators located in greater Munich, Germany

SIMICON manufactures both cleaning and biological indicators, which will be integrated into Mesa’s Biological Indicators division and the acquisition expands Mesa’s presence in Germany and throughout Europe.

“The acquisition is expected to increase division revenues by approximately 6% and to be accretive to our diluted net income per share in the first 12 months following the acquisition,” the company said.

“Going forward, we will continue to operate from SIMICON’s Munich facility using the existing SIMICON management, personnel and processes”, it added.

The Biological Indicators (BIs) are used to assess the effectiveness of sterilisation processes, including steam, gas, hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide and radiation, in the hospital, dental, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. 

SIMICON also manufactures several unique BI's that Mesa does not currently offer such as disinfectant indicators for endoscope reprocessing. 

Cleaning indicators are used to assess the effectiveness of cleaning processes, including washer-disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners in healthcare settings.

Cleaning is the critical first step performed prior to disinfection and sterilisation. Debris left on an instrument may interfere with microbial inactivation and can compromise the disinfection or sterilisation process. Cleaning indicators compliment the sterilisation process within central sterile supply departments in hospitals.

“The integration of SIMICON into Mesa’s Biological Indicators Division adds unique products to our sterilisation portfolio enabling us to address the cleaning steps prior to sterilisation and as well as addressing more price sensitive segments of the market,” said Gary Owens, President and CEO, Mesa Laboratories.

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