Joint venture to manufacture for Asian pharmaceutical market


US-based ATMI LifeSciences and Austar, based in Hongkong, have created a joint venture, ATMI Austar LifeSciences, to produce and market high-end packaging made from ultra-clean sterile materials for the pharmaceutical industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

ATMI has recently established a product line under an ATMI LifeSciences banner focused on biopharmaceutical applications with flexible, film-based packaging products ranging from single-use mixing and storage vessels to ultraclean sterile containers. Under the joint venture agreement, ATMI Austar LifeSciences will be producing ATMI LifeSciences products, including CleanSteam products, with local blow-film extrusion and packaging converting lines using a copy-exact strategy.

"This joint venture provides ATMI LifeSciences access to the active pharmaceutical ingredient and biopharmaceutical markets in Asia as well production capacity in addition to our Belgian operation," said Mario Philips, managing director of ATMI LifeSciences.

"Austar offers broad expertise and an existing ISO Class V GMP-certified cleanroom-based infrastructure that we can begin to leverage immediately. Together, under the ATMI Austar LifeSciences banner, we are working to create a new standard for advanced materials packaging for pharmaceutical manufacturing throughout the region."

"More flexibility at lower cost means the pharmaceutical manufacturers are converting to the film-based, single-use packaging products that ATMI Austar LifeSciences will be able to provide locally," said Mars Ho, ceo of Austar, a comprehensive service provider to the China pharmaceutical industry whose customers include multinational pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions.

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"The pharmaceutical market in Asia is expanding rapidly as more multinational firms look to extend their manufacturing capabilities into this region. Local supply and support is an important competitive differentiator."