German sterilisation provider targets UK market


BGS to attend Health GB Manchester, a trade exhibition and conference that attracts more than 3000 healthcare professionals

Beta-Gamma-Service (BGS), a German sterilisation provider, uses gamma rays and accelerated electrons (eBeam) treatment for all applications where pathogenic germs can cause danger to human or animal health, or where microorganisms might have a detrimental effect, specialising in the reduction of contamination across a broad spectrum of products.

The products, which can be sterilised using this method, include medical devices, packaging for pharmaceutical products, equipment for biotechnological applications, raw materials and semiconductor production.

In a move to expand its activities to the British market, BGS will be exhibiting at the industry trade show Health GB Manchester. “The UK market for medical devices is the third largest in Europe and has a significant demand for high-quality sterilisation services," said Dr Andreas Ostrowicki, CEO at Beta-Gamma-Service.

“We are offering British industry an all-round, flexible package starting at the development stage, advising in the selection of suitable materials for products and as well for packaging. Support for the optimum design of packaging schemes is another important factor for process stability and economics,” explained Dr Ostrowicki.

“This also includes the qualification, validation and related documentation of the sterilisation process required for the regulatory authorities,” he said.

“People rely nowadays on products being free from pathogenic germs. For medical devices and in medical diagnostics, sterility is essential. But in many other production processes of modern industry, the sterility of raw materials, equipment and packaging is equally indispensible,” concluded Dr Ostrowicki.

BGS operates three radiation centres in Germany and has just commenced operation of a new, state-of-the-art gamma radiation facility at its Bruchsal site, Germany, with an annual capacity of up to 80,000 pallets for the European market.

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Health GB Manchester ​is held from 30 April to 2 May at Manchester Central.