Extra length glove provides extra protection


The Omega Nerva 400mm/16in nitrile glove is available in either white or blue

The new Omega Nerva is an extra length 400mm/16in nitrile glove available in either white or blue and packed in an easy access dispenser box.

Providing additional coverage past the wrist, the Omega Nerva is suitable for use within central sterile services (CSS) departments or when handling hazardous chemicals in a laboratory environment.

Dual certified and conforming to Class I Medical Device and Category 3 Complex Design PPE and meeting the European Gloves Standards EN455, EN420 and EN374, the Omega Nerva is the right choice when a little bit more is needed from boxed gloves, the firm says.

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Samples can be requested at www.profile-omega.com, or email europe@profile-omega.com

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