DuPont introduces Tyvek IsoClean single-use clothing


Tyvek IsoClean single-use cleanroom apparel provides top cleanliness and reliable performance for every use

Tyvek IsoClean single-use clothing range

DuPont Tyvek IsoClean ready-to-use protective clothing is designed specifically for cleanrooms and controlled environments.

In comparison to reusable garments, the clothing does not require any additional treatment like laundering or sterilisation which may affect fabric properties; therefore the garments provide consistent and reliable performance over the entire wearing time.

Manufactured in cleanroom conditions according to the highest manufacturing standards, the apparel provides a high level of cleanliness thanks not only to the clean-processing carried out before sterilisation, but also due to the double packaging which helps transfer the garments into clean areas.

With this new CE-certified single-use portfolio, DuPont answers the most demanding protection needs of cleanrooms and controlled environments. The range has been scientifically tested to provide the protection and safety of cleanroom operators, but also of sensitive processes and products.

For full body coverage, the new portfolio consists of garments, gowns, hoods, sleeves, shoe covers, boot covers, bouffants and is available in two processing options – clean-processed & sterile and non-sterile. The range has been specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology environments, and any other environment where high levels of microbiological protection are key.

Tyvek IsoClean garments offer an ideal balance of protection, durability, comfort and contamination control, based on the barrier performance of the Tyvek fabric. Made of high density polyethylene using a patented flash spinning process, Tyvek provides an inherent barrier to particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous water-based light liquid splash. It is also breathable and exceptionally low-linting.

Tyvek IsoClean protective garments, Category III, are certified according to type 5 (protection against particles) and type 6 (protection against limited liquid splashes or sprays). They also provide protection against infectious agents (EN 14126) and meet the requirements of ISO 16602: 2007 (Chemical protective clothing - Classification, labelling and performance requirements).

They are suitable for use in cleanrooms up to GMP A&B (ISO 4/5, Class 10/100). All Tyvek IsoClean clean-processed and sterile garments come in sealed cleanroom packaging consisting of an inner and outer packaging (double bag), with easy opening. This concept helps to manage contamination risks when transferring apparel into clean areas.

Packed in an ISO Class 4 certified cleanroom, they provide the lowest level of particle shedding within the DuPont portfolio reaching Helmke Drum Category I, and they are offered with a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 (ISO 11137-1). A certificate of sterility and a certificate of compliance is provided with every shipment.

As with other Tyvek garments, research into the needs of cleanroom operators has been at the heart of the development of the new Tyvek IsoClean clothing. The garment and accessories design is both ergonomic and comfortable, providing good breathability and freedom of movement.

The coverall has bound internal seams to improve protection and reduce the risk of penetration of liquid and particles, an elasticated waist at the back for good fit, Tyvek covered elasticated thumb loops, tunnelled elastication at wrists and ankles and a front zipper closure with a storm flap in the front.

The design of the garment has been optimised to reflect cleanroom needs of contamination free dressing, therefore the garment folding pattern enables aseptic gowning.

With Tyvek IsoClean, DuPont has developed a new and innovative range, based on its technical know-how, which responds to the specific protection needs of cleanrooms and controlled environments, as well as to the standards required by the European market. This high quality single-use solution introduced by DuPont also allows better cost management for cleanrooms as an order can be placed for only the quantity that is anticipated for use. This offers our customers flexibility when their needs change over time.

For further information on this new range, including details on the barrier performance, please visit or request a free sample on

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