DuPont announces importance of flame-resistant face coverings made with Nomex

Published: 29-May-2020

Combination of flame-resistant (FR) garments and face coverings made with Nomex provides industrial workers with FR hazard protection while social distancing

DuPont Personal Protection has announced that face coverings made with DuPont Nomex may be used along with flame-resistant (FR) garments, such as those made of Nomex, in response to the protection needs of COVID-19. When used as face, nose and mouth coverings, properly designed masks, balaclavas, gaiters and hoods made with Nomex may help meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) social distancing guidance on wearing masks in worker environments that also require FR protection.

Nomex is a trusted FR brand for workers and is inherently flame resistant, providing protection that’s built into the fiber and can’t be washed out or worn away. Lightweight, highly durable and low-linting, Nomex provides an ideal balance of comfort and protection. Face coverings made with Nomex are suitable for use in the utilities, manufacturing, oil and gas and chemical industries, and won’t melt, drip or burn in the event of a flash fire.

“Masks made with Nomex help provide enhanced coverage with superior flame resistance,” said David Domnisch, global business director, DuPont Personal Protection. “Specifying a total FR solution with both a Nomex garment and Nomex mask is essential to help ensure worker protection. Many masks may meet the CDC’s guidance on face coverings, but don’t offer flame resistance. In fact, some masks may create additional hazards for the wearer because the masks could melt, drip or burn, causing other dangers. Now, more than ever, it is essential that the recommended PPE match the challenges of the hazards at hand to help keep workers safe.”

DuPont hosted a webinar, "Get the Facts: Industrial FR Face Coverings in the COVID-19 Era," on May 20, with DuPont Thermal Apparel Technical Specialist Allie Fletcher. The webinar highlights the latest guidance on face coverings, as well as FR and mask standards to consider for the industrial workforce, along with mask selection criteria considerations and associated resources.

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