Cleanroom firm BES appoints new Technical Director

Starting as a designer withe the company, Graham Drew has been appointed as the new Technical Director for the cleanroom design and build expert

Graham Drew has been appointed as the new Technical Director for BES.

Drew has devoted more than half of his career to working for BES and has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has specialised in the Healthcare, Lifesciences, Biotech, and pharmaceutical sectors.

The executive was originally a designer who has now returned to his roots and during his time in the company, he has accomplished numerous high-profile projects, some with values as high as £50m. These projects include validated warehouses, QC laboratories, and sterile production suites.

I am delighted to be leading our outstanding design team

- Graham Drew, new Technical Director

With a strong background in design, management, SHE, validation, and GMP, he is well-equipped to provide clients with valuable support and offer internal guidance for all aspects of a project.

Drew leads project teams with a collaborative approach that includes designers, project controls, and construction management. He prioritises keeping the client engaged throughout the project's lifespan and strives to build strong relationships with the client and their team. His excellent delivery record and focus on client satisfaction have led to repeated business and new project opportunities.

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On his appointment, Drew said: "I am delighted to be leading our outstanding design team. All are specialists in their fields and have a passion for providing sophisticated solutions. Focused on pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities, with tangible benefits to people and communities around the world, our work is vitally important and, therefore, inherently rewarding. We strive for excellence and the highest quality in all that we do, supported by a culture of positivity and collaboration. I’m incredibly proud of our highly experienced team and look forward to nurturing and developing the next generation of designers."

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