Cleanroom Technology in conversation with AstraZeneca

Published: 4-Apr-2022

In an interview with Cleanroom Technology, Associate Principal Microbiologist, Miriam Guest, discusses how the company implements microbial identification into their contamination control procedures

This article is brought to you by Cleanroom Technology and AstraZeneca

Reputation is of the upmost importance to the now household name company, AstraZeneca. Therefore, the company's contamination control procedures must be of the highest quality to ensure a safe final product.

Miriam Guest is an Associate Principal Microbiologist at AstraZeneca, and in this interview she touches upon the importance of a reliable microbial ID, and how that data is used to ensure that the root cause of any contamination is deduced.

Guest also discusses how these procedures work within the larger multi-site manufacturing network.

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This interview was led by Sophie Bullimore from Cleanroom Technology.

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