CapSure cleanroom wiper captures and retains more contaminant particles


Berkshire Corporation, a US manufacturer of contamination control products for cleanrooms, has introduced CapSure, a patent pending technology that enhances the cleaning performance of critical environment wipers.

CapSure technology enables the wipers to capture and retain more contaminant particles to provide a more effective wipe and reduce the risk of recontamination, the company says. A clean CapSure wiper releases 80% fewer airborne particles than other wipers and captures up to 42 times more surface contaminant particles and will retain up to 93% of these particles.

The 100% continuous filament polyester wipers are designed for use in ISO Class 3–5 (Cleanroom Class 1–100) and are recommended for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, laboratory, electronics, semiconductor and other life science applications.

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