Camfil introduces new generation of HEPA exhaust housing

Published: 24-Oct-2022

The CleanSeal Exhaust Integrity is suitable for turbulent exhaust airflow in cleanrooms or other controlled environments

Clean air solution provider Camfil has released the next generation of exhaust HEPA housings for sensitive processes – Cleanseal Exhaust Integrity. 

This new line of HEPA exhaust housing is designed to ensure a safe operation with critical or hazardous substances.

What is the Cleanseal exhaust integrity?

The exhaust HEPA filter housing is used in cleanroom operations to capture airborne contaminants that are generated within the controlled environment. The Cleanseal Exhaust Integrity utilizes the unique features of the Cleanseal housing family including:

  • Robust fully welded construction for durable reliability and tightness
  • High corrosion protection against decontamination agents 
  • Toolless filter clamping 100% secured and immediate
  • Built-in filter scaling option
  • Both ceiling and wall versions available

Cleanseal Exhaust Integrity additional unique features include:

  • Integrated Mobile Integrity Probe (MIP) for HEPA qualified in-situ testing. 
  • 100% HEPA filter surface controlled at regular and constant velocity thanks to a unique electronic drive device.
  • Toolless push-push door operation for immediate filter access
  • Interchangeable exhaust door with or without prefilter

The Cleanseal Exhaust Integrity also comes with an optional ISO14644 compliant testing shroud for aerosol injection. This system is suitable for turbulent exhaust airflow in cleanrooms or other controlled environments.

The unique design of the Cleanseal Exhaust Integrity allows for safe and easy leak testing and validation of the HEPA filter from room side.

The Camfil Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has 30 manufacturing sites, six R&D centres, local sales offices in 26 countries, and 4,480 employees and growing. 

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