CREST finalise cleanroom reconfiguration works for leading CDMO

Published: 16-Aug-2022

Stancold’s Clean Room Envelope Specialist Team (CREST) are winding up in Norfolk during August, following complex cleanroom alteration works as part of a site reconfiguration for a world leading contract development and manufacturing company (CDMO)

A dedicated team have been working with the project’s appointed contractor, a multidisciplinary construction provider to the pharmaceutical industry and existing client for CREST, since the tender was made available in 2020, following a changing design and phasing programme.

Due to the highly controlled nature of ISO grade cleanroom facilities and the operational activities that are undertaken within them, making alterations to an existing layout requires a high level of understanding from all involved. Considering this, virtual and site meetings were paramount for all sub-contractors, where both CREST’s technical team and project management team were in attendance from the early-stage discussions.

Within the ground floor of the pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, CREST assumed responsibility for the removal of walls, ceilings, vision panels and doors, before installing over 2000m² of Kingspan’s Versatile semi-flush cleanroom system to expand and modify the current operations relative to the end user’s needs.

Where the specification required a FR30 rating to some areas of the design, a thicker panel was selected to achieve this. CREST also installed ceilings at adjusted heights, breakout panels, rapid rise doors and vision panels to complete the envelope fit-out.

The team’s existing relationship with the appointed contractor and superior technical knowledge of cleanroom fit-outs, both in relation to new-build and retro-fit projects, ensured that this was another successful contract to add to our portfolio for the pharmaceutical industry.

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