Bioquell expands portfolio with mobile room biodecontamination system

Published: 15-May-2019

The Bioquell ProteQ unit uses 35% hydrogen peroxide vapour and features a modular upgradeable design

Bioquell, recently acquired by Ecolab, has expanded its portfolio of biocontamination products with the addition of ProteQ, a mobile room biodecontamination system.

ProteQ utilises Bioquell's 35% hydrogen peroxide vapour and features a modular, upgradeable design for a more configurable pricing structure.

For Bioquell, the unit is suited to a wide range of critical areas, including biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, GMP/GLP and biosafety laboratories, animal facilities and cleanrooms.

Commenting on the new product, Guy Turner, Director Global Product Management at Bioquell, said: “We are confident that people working in small production areas or laboratories will find the Bioquell ProteQ easy to use, fast, reliable and compliant, making it the ultimate mobile room decontamination system on the market.”

Next-gen technology

Bioquell said the ProteQ has been developed as the next generation of the company’s previous mobile room decontamination offering, the Bioquell Z-2. The new product incorporates powerful distribution technology for reduced cycle times with more efficient use of Bioquell’s approved 35% hydrogen peroxide vapour and less need for additional standalone distribution fans. It offers new wireless functionality which can network multiple units, improving set up times and making it ideal for areas of any size.

For GMP applications or frequently decontaminated areas, the Bioquell ProteQ carries out an automated decontamination cycle to parameters defined during a documented gas cycle development. For non-GMP areas and emergency deployment, an updated algorithm delivers an automated 6-log decontamination cycle based on inputted room volume and monitored environmental conditions.

Bioquell ProteQ can be upgraded with a variety of features, including process monitoring sensor package, 21 CFR Part 11 electronic compliance package including audit trail, low-level hydrogen peroxide safety sensor and laser room dimension measuring device.

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