Ansell introduces sweat-absorbing chemical resistant glove


Adds comfort and grip innovations to AlphaTec range

Protection solutions specialist Ansell has introduced two new gloves to protect the hands against exposure to bases, oils, fuels, solvents and esters in medium and heavy-duty applications.

The first is a chemical-resistant AlphaTec glove incorporating Aquadri Moisture Management Technology (which absorbs 10 times more moisture than a traditional liner).

The second is a flexible AlphaTec glove with Ansell Grip Technology for optimal wet, dry and oily grip in chemical environments.

The AlphaTec 58-330 and 58-335 nitrile gloves help to prevent skin exposure to chemical hazards, while maximising worker comfort through a technology that absorbs moisture accumulated from prolonged glove use. This comfort innovation is a result of Ansell Aquadri Moisture Management Technology. During the glove’s manufacturing process, a cotton flocking is applied to a wet gel on the inside of the glove, creating an open celled-foam structure that is light and absorbent.

In recent Ansell research, 61% of workers described perspiration as a significant problem in chemical gloves, while 25% said it has a notable effect on their ability to work. Chemical industry workers often wear thick, slippery, sweaty gloves. If their hands become hot and sweaty, their first instinct is to remove the glove. Persistent moisture can also lead to unpleasant smelling gloves, and workers more inclined to dispose of them.

A dry, comfortable glove can therefore have significant impact on worker compliance for safety.

\'We combined the chemical protection of our AlphaTec gloves with our innovative AquaDri moisture absorption technology to address workers’ primary source of discomfort – perspiration inside the glove,\' says Peter Dobbelsteijn, Senior Vice President and Regional Director for the EMEA region.

The gloves are suitable for automotive, OEM, chemical/refineries, metal fab, machinery, petroleum/chemical, pharmaceutical and transport/aerospace industries.

Both the AlphaTec 58-330 and AlphaTec 58-335 gloves feature a high-performance nitrile compound that offers superior puncture, snag and abrasion protection compared with the rubber and neoprene gloves currently on the market, as well as a reversed lozenge palm finish for improved dry/wet grip and a foldable cuff gutter to prevent dripping on the forearm. The AlphaTec 58-335 is longer and intended for heavier-duty applications.

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Poor grip can also reduce workers’ confidence, precision and productivity; compensating with extra force can cause hand fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders. The coating treatment of Ansell Grip Technology actually minimises the force needed to grasp greasy or wet tools and materials. This, in combination with the glove’s flexibility, reduces hand fatigue and improves dexterity, safety and productivity.

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