AdvanceTEC begins 155,000 sqft facility for global biotech firm

Published: 1-Nov-2021

The company has invested in BIM/VDC, virtual reality, off-site prefabrication and modularisation for the cGMP project

AdvanceTEC, a cleanroom design, construction specialist and mission-critical process integration expert, has commenced construction for a cutting-edge biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the midwest of the US.

This 155,000 sqft facility will include a variety of spaces ranging from ISO Class 7 cleanrooms, Class 8 cleanrooms / CNC (controlled non-classified) cleanrooms, incubators, VHP (vapour hydrogen peroxide) sterilisation, and isolation technologies.

AdvanceTEC’s "Open Market, Zero Compromises" supply chain was a critical attribute of selection

To address capacity upgrades, AdvanceTEC will utilise LEAN construction tools to keep the project on schedule and on budget. As a part of this project, AdvanceTEC is responsible for turnkey design/build of the prefabricated cleanroom as well as process integration requirements.

AdvanceTEC's "Open Market, Zero Compromises" supply chain was a critical attribute of selection when benchmarked against less nimble competitors. In addition to supply chain, a key differentiator for this project is AdvanceTEC's "Cleanroom IP" platform. This platform leverages in-house proprietary technology, that harnesses digital scanning, BIM modelling, laser field layout to deliver a robust prefabrication, preassembly, modularisation, and offsite fabrication (PPMOF)strategy. This platform has been proven to reduce risks, increase safety and quality, as well as enhance site logistics and JIT onsite installation.

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"AdvanceTEC is thrilled to bring our competitive advantages to a valued repeat client," said Bryan Phelan, AdvanceTEC Managing Partner, and Director of Customers. "We are living in a time where past investments in people, technology, and modularisation are paying off big time. Our customers are benefiting from our 'Cleanroom IP platform' like never before, overcoming supply chain challenges, resource limitations, and technical hurdles to enable time to market for their most pressing needs".

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