Molnlycke Health Care

Mölnlycke is a world leading medical solutions company, with the purpose to advance performance in healthcare and life sciences. Mölnlycke is organised around four Business Areas – Gloves, Antiseptics, Wound Care and Operating Room Solutions.

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History and ownership

Although we’re a global company, our headquarters are still in Gothenburg – just a short distance from the town of Mölnlycke (pronounced 'Mon-licka'), the place where the company was founded in 1849 and the origin of the Mölnlycke name.

We are owned by Patricia Industries, a part of Investor AB, listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and an engaged owner of high-quality, global companies, which was founded by the Wallenberg family in 1916.


Sustainability is a strategic priority at Mölnlycke and WeCare is our Sustainability roadmap for 2030. It means creating shared value for all our stakeholders. It is a driver for growth, innovation and productivity and an essential part of our employee value proposition.

The WeCare roadmap is developed to create positive impact on the environment, people and economy. Through a materiality assessment, conducted to identify the most significant issues that represent sources of risk and opportunities for us and our stakeholders, we identified our three focus areas:

  • Green mindset
  • Responsible relationships
  • Ethical business

For each of them, we have set ambitious long-term goals to achieve our sustainability targets.


For over 40 years, Biogel® has been one of the leading brands of high-quality, technically advanced surgical gloves in the global market. Over the years, we have made a series of advancements and set new standards in medical an PPE glove technology with the Biogel® Indicator® System.

In 2023 we launched the Biogel® Tech range, gloves specifically designed for use in critical environments such as pharmaceutical or biotech manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, or hospital pharmacy compounding units.

Biogel®  gloves are known for their high comfort while allowing tactile sensation. Biogel® gloves exceed industry standards for tensile strength and elongation. This reduces the risk of glove failure, enabling staff to work with greater confidence.

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