Micronclean becomes a GMP certified business

Published: 25-Nov-2022

Micronclean are pleased to announce that it has become the first and only cleanroom laundry in the UK to achieve GMP certification

This stands alongside the company's existing certifications, such as EN 14065 (RABC) contamination control certification. As a result, Micronclean can show a clear commitment to providing a market leading cleanroom laundry service which is appropriate to their customer’s needs and is backed by independent verification.

As a company Micronclean is committed to delivering a market leading Class 4 cleanroom laundry service to customers. As part of this the company fully understands the need to gain outside certification as a means, not only to prove their internal processes, but also as a way for their customer base to have complete confidence in the company's capabilities. The new GMP certification can then be used alongside existing certifications, to underpin customers accreditations.

Currently the unique GMP certification is limited to an existing Class 4 cleanroom laundry at Skegness and is certified under the GMP Codex Alimentarius with the scope of a “Cleanroom Laundry supplying the Pharmaceutical sector”. However, over time Micronclean will look to extend this to other parts of our business.

Micronclean’s Group Product Manager for Cleanroom Textiles, Stella Yates, commented: “As a company we are delighted to be the first cleanroom laundry in the UK to obtain GMP certification. As a company we are committed to changing the shape of the markets we serve and this new certification proves that we are listening to our customer base, who not only demand a market leading service but that this is also independently certified”.

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