Looking beyond basics to select chemical protective gloves

Published: 6-Sep-2018

Honeywell has published the second in its two-part series of eGuides designed to help health and safety professionals confidently select the right chemical protective gloves

A Guide to Selecting Chemical Protective Gloves – Part 2 looks specifically at three key considerations for glove selection - task, environment and fit - and outlines steps that can be taken to help simplify the selection process.

Where the first eGuide explored the dangers posed by chemicals and how to select gloves based on the specific chemicals being encountered, the second eGuide focuses on how the task at hand can impact glove selection and how different environmental factors, such as temperature and moisture, can affect glove performance.

It also looks at how to ensure gloves are the right fit for the user and the application by, for example, choosing either ambidextrous or anatomic gloves or making sure the correct cuff length is picked.

“Selecting protective gloves for applications where chemicals are involved can be a challenge,” said Stéphanie Quilliet, Strategic Product Leader EMEA for head and body products at Honeywell Industrial Safety.

“Not providing adequate protection puts workers at risk, but if the protection is over-specified for the application, workers might be tempted to remove their gloves so that they can perform their tasks efficiently, leaving them exposed to injury. Our two eGuides on this topic provide safety professionals with clear, expert, practical advice to help them navigate all of these considerations with confidence.”

Download a free copy of ‘A Guide To Selecting Chemical Protective Gloves – Part 2’, here: hwll.co/GloveSelection2.

Part 1 can be downloaded here: hwll.co/GloveSelection1.

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