Kingspan features in Scaldis cleanrooms and explains FM 4882

Published: 22-May-2019

Scaldis, a family business, requested an additional ISO5 and ISO7 cleanroom from Kingspan

In 2018, Scaldis – a family business located close to Tournai, Belgium – requested two new ISO5 and ISO7 cleanrooms from Kingspan. This was in addition to its existing Kingspan cleanrooms, which were built a few years ago. Scaldis has been active in the cleanroom clothing decontamination sector for more than 20 years, during which time it developed a new gowning system.

Precision 60mm MF panels were selected for the walls for two key reasons: their ease of installation and because the new cavities facilitate internal electrical wiring.

Versatile QuadCore panels were selected for the ceilings due to their lighter weight, longer spans and walkability in addition to their superior fire performance.

Kingspan HygieneSafe 150µm coating was used on the walls, doors and ceilings to ensure a higher barrier to contamination, due to its anti-bacterial performance.

What is FM 4882?

QuadCore is the first closed-cell insulated panel core to be certified to FM 4882 for use in smoke sensitive occupancies.

FM 4882 approved Class 1 insulated panel systems limit self-propagation of fire and generate less smoke. FM Approvals’ 4882 standard is the only testing regime in the world that certifies the use of insulated panel systems for smoke-sensitive occupancies, such as;

  • Cleanrooms and similar occupancies
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage
  • Food preparation and storage and similar occupancies

One of the tests within the FM 4882 standard, designed to certify performance for smoke-sensitive occupancies, is the 16ft Parallel Panel test which measures smoke generation.

The test consists of two 16ft high insulated panel systems installed in parallel, with a large gas burner in the centre and an extraction system at the top measuring the smoke generation rate. Low-smoke wall and ceiling panels that receive FM 4882 Approval have been evaluated to provide assurance that they will limit fire propagation.

Why is FM 4882 so important for smoke- sensitive occupancies?

In many fires, it is quite common for the monetary losses associated with smoke damage to be many times greater than those associated with direct flame damage, especially for smoke-sensitive occupancies such as cleanrooms. In fact, the indirect damage and impact caused by smoke generation in a cleanroom environment could be significant and widespread, leading to:

  • Loss of stored and in-process products
  • Damage to expensive equipment
  • Significant business interruption and
  • Decontamination of building contents – smoke damage is very difficult, time-consuming and expensive to clean

In summary, there are many benefits associated with the specification of FM 4882 approved Class 1 low-smoke insulated panel systems including:

  • The only wall and ceiling panels in the world tested and certified for use in smoke sensitive occupancies such as pharmaceutical, food processing and other smoke sensitive industries
  • Reduced fire loss, significant reduction in smoke related loss, and reduce business down time
  • Strong enough to be power washed
  • Sprinkler protection may be reduced or eliminated if the occupancy allows

FM 4882 approved Class 1 insulated panel systems limit self-propagation of fire and generate less smoke. Kingspan’s UltraTech Versatile range is FM 4882 approved to the pharmaceutical manufacturing & storage, food prep & storage and similar occupancies standard.

In addition, Kingspan's Aluminium Honeycomb product in the UltraTech Precision range is FM approved to the Cleanrooms and similar occupancies standard.

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