Industry leaders join the 2021 Cleanroom Conference

Published: 21-Jun-2021

Leading industry names to join the virtual and in-person event taking place in September 2021.

Taking place from 14-15 September 2021, Cleanroom Technology Conference will provide access to the exclusive content from leading professionals and experts in the cleanroom and controlled contamination industries online or at the venue in Birmingham, UK.

With a focus on best practices, industry insights, future predictions and key findings, the two-day event will allow delegates to explore the industry based on their niche and walk away with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, allowing them to prepare for 2022 and beyond.

Joined by a global panel of speakers and market leaders, the conference will provide an amalgamation of professional expertise, educational content and networking opportunities, both live and on-demand. This will allow professionals from all corners of the world to access unmissable content.

Listen to the experts

Aimed for key decision-makers, end-users and manufacturers, the two-day conference will cover regulations, developments and concepts in the cleanroom and contamination control industry from a range of topics including sterility testing, HVAC and energy, cleanroom design and much more.

Day one, focussing on standards and regulations, will kick off with Gordon Farquharson, a valued member of the cleanroom industry, who will explore ISO 3 cleanrooms and best practices of running a successful cleanroom. Followed by David Keen from Ecolab, on the management isolators within the cleanroom.

Industry leaders join the 2021 Cleanroom Conference

Apply industry standards to practice

Joining the conference from STERIS Corporation, the leading provider for infection prevention, are Walid El Azab, who will uncover contamination control strategies and Jim Polarine, from the US, who will uncover contamination within Gene Cell Therapy cleanrooms.

For practices in microbiological monitoring, Jack Stanford from Wickham Laboratories will shed light on the latest findings in monitoring trends and expectations for future cleanroom application whilst Patrick Hutchins from TSI will look into GMP implementation and microbiological detection.

Unlimited access to Manufacturing Chemist Live

Due to the closely aligned industries, the event will run alongside the pharma centric event, combined with a fully integrated digital exhibition hall and on-demand online presentations.

Manufacturing Chemist Live will take a closer look at the whole pharmaceutical supply chain, from drug discovery to development and delivery.

How to attend

With more speakers yet to be announced, there are more exciting things in the pipeline for the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2021. To stay up to date with more speaker announcements, important dates and exhibitor information, sign up to the Cleanroom Technology Enews alerts.

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