How Vertex liquid particle counters provide accurate results with less guesswork

Published: 28-Mar-2024

In the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, semiconductor fabrication, and cleanroom environments, precision monitoring is critical to ensuring the effectiveness and safety of quality products. The accuracy of your monitoring data is paramount to avoiding errors and losses during production

False count rate, also known as zero-count rate, is a crucial metric used to assess the performance of liquid particle counters. It quantifies the number of false counts recorded by a liquid particle counter over a specific time. This parameter is fundamental for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of particle counting systems, particularly in industries where precise monitoring of particle contamination is critical.

Understanding false counts

False counts, as the name implies, are counts that do not accurately represent the actual presence of particles in the liquid being monitored. These erroneous counts can arise from limitations with the photodetector technology used in many liquid particle counters on the market.

Cosmic radiation, originating from outer space, can penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and interact with the counting mechanism of liquid particle counters. These interactions can produce signals that mimic real particle counts, leading to inaccuracies in the measurement.

Optoelectronic Noise: Within the liquid particle counter itself, electronic components and sensors may generate electrical noise. This noise can introduce false signals that the counter misinterprets as actual particle counts.

Data accuracy

In industries where the purity and quality of liquids are critical, accurate particle counting is essential. High false count rates can lead to inaccurate data, potentially affecting product quality and safety. Industries such as pharmaceuticals and semiconductor manufacturing rely on precise control of particle levels. Elevated false counts can trigger false alarms or erroneous decisions, impacting process control.

How the Vertex Series eliminates the risk of errors and delays

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions understood this potential weakness and engineered a more advanced photodetector technology, which allowed us to improve the optical signal-to-noise and lower gamma-ray interference 20 times!

This means that with the Vertex Series, count subtraction is unnecessary since we have the lowest false count rate in the industry. Vertex reports counts as soon as they come in, without waiting for an arbitrary value to be reached before the counter recognises the particle counts.

We understand the value of removing potential variables that might skew data, and we value features that save you time.

We expanded our Vertex line to include a new model

We are excited to announce that we have just released a new Vertex, the Vertex100, with an exceptional sensitivity level of 100 nanometers.

How Vertex liquid particle counters provide accurate results with less guesswork

Along with its predecessor the Vertex50, this new model also offers support for RS-485 MODBUS and 4-20mA communication, or MODBUS TCP and 4-20mA communication to guarantee flexible and efficient integration, NEMA style enclosure, manual flow control, and of course, we are always looking for ways to keep data more accurate, more usable, and the industry’s smallest footprint – making both models ideal for use even in cramped workspaces.

Vertex models also come with a robust two-year warranty, assuring you that you’re making a secure investment in a dependable and long-lasting product. Regardless of your location globally, our extensive international support network guarantees we are here to support you at every stage.

Celebrating innovation and ease of use

Here at Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, we are always looking for ways to keep data more accurate, more usable, and easier to understand. By designing particle counters that are more accurate and have reduced chances for errors, we are working hard to help you experience the very best monitoring systems available.

Learn more about the newest innovation in particle detection by visiting our countdown to launch page, where you will find more features and specs. You can also schedule a complete product demonstration with our monitoring experts.

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