Handheld plasma treatment device cleans and activates surfaces for fixing of adhesives

Published: 14-Jul-2016

It could also be used for sterilising in microbiology, medical and pharma technologies

Intertronics' Relyon Plasma PZ2 piezo brush handheld surface treatment unit is believed to be the smallest cold active plasma device of its kind.

The PZ2, from the UK specialist in adhesives and gluing systems for technology, ionises atmospheric gas to plasma clean and activate surfaces for improved fixing of adhesives, or wetting prior to printing or coating. This is especially useful for surfaces that are difficult to bond or print onto, the firm says. The low temperature plasma discharge is often superior to mechanical or chemical methods of activation/cleaning, especially for delicate parts.

The PZ2 can activate surfaces prior to the use of adhesives in industries such as electronics, medical devices, automotive, and in laboratory and development work. It aids surface wetting for inkjet or pad printing and encoding for parts across all industries from automotive to consumer. It can also be considered for sterilising in microbiology, food, medical and pharmaceutical technologies.

Using piezoelectric technology, the device transforms low input voltage into high electric field strengths, dissociating and ionising the process gas, which is normally ambient air. The PZ2 is said to be convenient and simple to use, requiring only to be plugged into a mains electricity socket for instant operation.

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